Reaping the benefits of HVLS fans

Reaping the benefits of HVLS fans


  High Volume Low Speed fans (HVLS Fans) have become a standard in warehouse cooling, based on their proven ability to provide significant heating/cooling cost savings while improving occupant comfort and safety. HVLS fans are large ceiling-mount fans that use long blades, rotating at slow speeds, to create gentle airflows within large spaces. Due to

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Dock Seals New dock seal fabric

Entrematic’s New Durable Dock Seals


  Kelley ArmorGuard High Abrasion dock seals are up to ten times more durable Properly maintained Dock seals provide an effective joint between a docked trailer and the dock opening. The seals keep inclement weather out, improve occupant comfort and reduce heating and cooling costs. However, dock seals are easily damaged in high traffic dock

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How Dynaco Doors are Improving Safety


  Workplace health and safety continues to be a focus of employers and facility managers across a range of industries. From pharmaceutical manufacturing to warehousing and distribution to automotive assembly operations, all industries share the common goal of reducing workplace accidents without compromising the speed and efficiency of their operations. Dynaco Doors recognized early on

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Keeping your workers safe?

Are you up to the challenge of keeping your workers safe?


  Any time workers are around heavy machinery the potential for injury and accidents naturally increases. When the heavy machinery is constantly moving, like on a loading dock, the chance for mishaps grows even more. Any business with a loading dock – be it a warehouse, distribution center, retail store or another type of business

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Building for the Future: Considerations in Warehouse Planning

Building for the Future: Considerations in Warehouse Planning


  As we move out of the recession and manufacturing picks up, industrial construction has seen a recent increase. By June 2015, “the number of manufacturing establishments [had] grown for five straight quarters,” according to the Economics & Statistics Administration and industrial construction in general is forecast to continue rising through 2016. Even as warehouses

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Reduce Energy Costs with Amarr LEED Certified Commercial Doors


  Green building has been a buzzword lately, but the benefits of incorporating “green” elements into warehouse facilities go far beyond environmental conservation. For commercial buildings, choosing to invest in green building elements will increase energy efficiency and save money. In warehouses, frequently used doors can drastically effect the internal environment and make it difficult

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Flexible Fabric Doors by DYNACO Offer Business Benefits


  DYNACO invented the fully flexible, soft bottom door in 1987 and has continued to introduce industry-leading innovations designed to boost work-place productivity and safety ever since. The features and designs available from DYNACO’s range of industrial roll up doors all contribute to an effective, efficient workplace, no matter what style you choose. Many of

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Air-Powered Dock Levelers vs. Hydraulic Dock Levelers


Advancements in the loading dock industry have resulted in many dock leveler options for your facility. If you are seeking a powered dock leveler, one of the first decisions is whether to go with an air or hydraulic powered system. While both systems work well in dock leveler applications, it is worth taking a deeper

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Considerations when Choosing a Dock Leveler


At first glance, selecting a dock leveler seems like an easy task. However, a little investigation reveals the many factors you need to consider when spec’ing a leveler your facility. With so many different levelers to choose from, where do you begin? At McKinley, we hope this article will help you with your leveler selection.

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McKinley Sees Opportunity for IoT Applications to Transform Service


McKinley’s continued research and development into the Internet of Things (IoT) could soon be delivering substantial benefits to its customer partners. The following article discusses how McKinley is among those who are investing in IoT applications as an opportunity for smaller businesses to provide a level of service on par with Fortune 500 giants. Internet

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