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How Dynaco Doors are Improving Safety


  Workplace health and safety continues to be a focus of employers and facility managers across a range of industries. From pharmaceutical manufacturing to warehousing and distribution to automotive assembly operations, all industries share the common goal of reducing workplace accidents without compromising the speed and efficiency of their operations. Dynaco Doors recognized early on

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Reduce Energy Costs with Amarr LEED Certified Commercial Doors


  Green building has been a buzzword lately, but the benefits of incorporating “green” elements into warehouse facilities go far beyond environmental conservation. For commercial buildings, choosing to invest in green building elements will increase energy efficiency and save money. In warehouses, frequently used doors can drastically effect the internal environment and make it difficult

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Flexible Fabric Doors by DYNACO Offer Business Benefits


  DYNACO invented the fully flexible, soft bottom door in 1987 and has continued to introduce industry-leading innovations designed to boost work-place productivity and safety ever since. The features and designs available from DYNACO’s range of industrial roll up doors all contribute to an effective, efficient workplace, no matter what style you choose. Many of

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High Speed Doors: Saving Energy and Money


High-speed doors are a relatively new product in the field of warehouse doors, but their benefits are well established. In 2015, the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) formally recognized the efficiency benefits of high-speed doors. As their name implies, high-speed doors are designed for quick opening and closing cycles. In contrast to traditional overhead doors which employ

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Manufacturer Spotlight: Chase Doors


At McKinley, we are proud of the quality manufacturers we represent. As part of our ongoing Manufacturer Spotlight series, this post takes a closer look at Chase Doors. We will learn about the benefits of their traffic and impact doors, and discover why they are the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty doors. Chase Doors is

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Fire Door Safety

The Importance of Fire Door Drop Testing


Today’s buildings incorporate a wide array of fire prevention and suppression elements in their design. However, similar to a chain being only as strong as its weakest link, the effectiveness of the fire prevention system depends upon reliable performance from all elements of it. Fire doors are an important part of the fire prevention and

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Choosing the Right Retail Storefront Doors


Whether for the entrance to a retail establishment, to an office, or to a warehouse, storefront doors must make a statement. There’s a story about a storeowner with a new business neighbor next door that put up a huge sign announcing, “BEST DEALS IN THE AREA.”  The next week, he had another new neighbor on

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Mars Air Systems: High Quality Air Curtains


  McKinley Equipment represents an exclusive group of equipment manufacturers. We are careful in the selection of our partners, pleased to offer you their products, and proud of the relationships we develop with them. This post is part of an ongoing series highlighting our suppliers. Mars Air Systems is a US based manufacturer of air

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Retail Security – Retractable Store Front Barriers Protect Your Inventory


You have a significant investment in your inventory, why risk losing it to preventable theft? A majority of retail break-and-enters are crimes of opportunity. Thieves identify easy targets and conduct smash-and-grab thefts after regular business hours.  This type of crime is especially prevalent among retailers whose storefronts provide ready access to high-value or in-demand goods.

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A ‘Bugged’ Warehouse Calls For Bug Screens!


When the warm weather arrives, warehouse workers want to keep the bay doors open.  Open doors create a more comfortable and productive environment inside the facility.  Fresh air, natural lighting and a connection to the world outside are very real benefits of having the doors open. However, open doors present a number of problems.  Open

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