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Manufacturer Spotlight: Wayne Dalton Doors


When discussing fire doors and warehouse doors, functionality is the greatest concern. Keeping merchandise safe is a huge consideration. For some reason, many think function and beauty are mutually exclusive. Wayne Dalton doors prove those two qualities coexist very well, presenting an appealing exterior design to better blend in with the surrounding area and attract more customers.

McKinley Guide to Fire-Rated Doors


Some facilities are required to include fire-rated doors, including commercial facilities. If you need to have commercial fire doors installed, you might be wondering what kind of doors are required and whether you can still get all of the other functionality you need in your doors while still meeting regulations for fire doors. McKinley can

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Manufacturer Spotlight: 4Front Entrematic


McKinley Equipment Corporation is committed to providing the best equipment and services for commercial, industrial, and retail facilities, including loading dock equipment, commercial doors, HVLS fans, safety equipment, and more. To fulfill this mission we partner with the highest quality manufacturers of equipment and commercial doors to ensure that you have access to highly functional,

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Doors


Many industrial and commercial spaces use simple and functional overhead doors. While these basic doors may do the job just fine, installing the right doors in the right places can increase the efficiency, productivity and comfort of any industrial, commercial, or retail space. There are a wide variety of doors available for general and specialty

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When Should You Invest in High Speed Doors?


High speed doors, often called rapid roll doors, are available for industrial and commercial spaces when a fast-operating door is required. These types of doors are well suited to meet the needs of many warehouses and commercial spaces, but their higher cost may make them prohibitive for all uses. Here are some situations where high

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