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Air-Powered Dock Levelers vs. Hydraulic Dock Levelers


Advancements in the loading dock industry have resulted in many dock leveler options for your facility. If you are seeking a powered dock leveler, one of the first decisions is whether to go with an air or hydraulic powered system. While both systems work well in dock leveler applications, it is worth taking a deeper

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Considerations when Choosing a Dock Leveler


At first glance, selecting a dock leveler seems like an easy task. However, a little investigation reveals the many factors you need to consider when spec’ing a leveler your facility. With so many different levelers to choose from, where do you begin? At McKinley, we hope this article will help you with your leveler selection.

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Interlocking Dock Equipment for Safety: Loading Dock Best Practices


Without proper safeguards, loading docks present a number of serious safety hazards. Moving truck trailers, cargo flows and elevated dock platforms left unguarded create dangerous fall and crush risks. These risks are not new. Historically, companies have explored ways to improve dock safety; however, most methods rely on employees and drivers following strict procedures. Despite

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Energy Guard Solutions From Kelley


In the quest to reduce operating costs, smart facility managers are always looking out for new products that reduce expenses while offering short payback periods. As part of their response to this need, Kelley Entrematic developed the Energy Guard line of dock leveler air barriers. Uninsulated dock levelers are quite common. The dock leveler and

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Kelley Loading Dock Solutions: A Legacy of Innovation


At McKinley Equipment, we have strong relationships with leading manufacturers of material handling, industrial lift, commercial door and loading dock equipment. Our longstanding relationships with the brands we represent ensure we have a thorough knowledge of the product lines and are well suited to deliver the best solutions for your needs. When it comes to

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A Guide to Dock Levelers


Dock levelers are critical for dock operations, both from an efficiency standpoint and also for safety. Dock levelers are designed to bridge the gap between a loading dock and a truck so that loads, equipment, and workers can easily and safely cross back and forth. Having the right dock leveler for your typical load capacities

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