How Dynaco Doors are Improving Safety

Workplace health and safety continues to be a focus of employers and facility managers across a range of industries. From pharmaceutical manufacturing to warehousing and distribution to automotive assembly operations, all industries share the common goal of reducing workplace accidents without compromising the speed and efficiency of their operations.

Dynaco Doors recognized early on that improved roll-up door systems can reduce door and passageway accidents and have a meaningful impact on occupant safety. In 1987, Dynaco was the first to bring the flexible roll-up door to market. This door included several features designed to minimize personal injury resulting from collisions with moving doors and created a new standard in safety compliance. Their commitment to building safer doors continues to be an integral part of the company’s DNA.

Ideally, improvements to door safety should not compromise productivity. Today’s facility operators demand fast door cycle times. Dynaco has responded by simultaneously improving door safety while reducing door cycle times. Dynaco roll-up doors incorporate a number of safety features while also allowing high-speed operation and performance.

Safety features from Dynaco Doors include:

  • Light Curtain Sensor –An array of sensors creates an invisible light curtain that monitors the passageway. Should an object enter the path of a moving door, the sensors respond within milliseconds to stop and reverse door travel.
  • Wireless Leading Edge Sensor – This sensor, embedded in the leading edge of the door, immediately reverses the door travel if the door strikes any object during the open/close cycle. In addition to detecting contact at the leading edge of the door, it also detects lateral impacts with any portion of the door. Upon detection of a door impact, door movement is reversed and the door returns to its open position.
  • Flexible Lightweight Door Curtain – Dynaco offers a variety of light-weight, high-strength fabric options for their roll-up doors. These light-weight fabrics, combined with the absence of rigid components within the roll-up door, provide a fail-safe mechanism to minimize the risk of injury from contacting a moving door.

Improving workplace safety is a journey, not a destination. Through experience, user feedback and a dedication to research and development, Dynaco doors continue to lead the way when it comes to delivering safe and efficient access control.

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