Worker Safety

Equipment to Improve Worker Safety when Performing Common Tasks


Warehouses can be dangerous environments. Beyond fall, collision and impact hazards, there are less obvious hazards that pose equally serious safety risks. Poor workstation design and the repetitive nature of many warehouse tasks opens the door to both acute muscle trauma and repetitive strain injuries (RSI). Besides an ethical obligation to create a safe workplace,

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The Profit-Boosting Benefits of Planned Maintenance


Today’s modern warehouses place an emphasis on efficiency. Technology improvements have increased throughput, sped up inventory turns and improved worker productivity. Maintaining efficiency in this fast-paced environment requires highly reliable material-handling assets. Equipment failures are expensive events. The cost of repairing equipment is often miniscule compared to the direct costs of lost time and productivity

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High Speed Doors: Saving Energy and Money


High-speed doors are a relatively new product in the field of warehouse doors, but their benefits are well established. In 2015, the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) formally recognized the efficiency benefits of high-speed doors. As their name implies, high-speed doors are designed for quick opening and closing cycles. In contrast to traditional overhead doors which employ

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Minimize Warehouse Hazards With the Right Equipment


OSHA reports that the rate of fatal injuries among warehouse workers is higher than the national average for all industries. Your warehouse does not have to be a high risk environment. By adopting good workplace practices, installing the right safety systems, and properly equipping your employees to perform their duties, you can mitigate common hazards

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Stacking Pallets Safely in a Warehouse


The desire to improve space utilization in warehouse environments has resulted in a variety of space-saving solutions. Advanced pallet and racking systems, including selective pallet, drive-in, and push-back racking systems can dramatically increase storage capacity within a facility. However, failure to follow proper racking and stacking practices can create dangerous conditions for warehouse personnel and

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Interlocking Dock Equipment for Safety: Loading Dock Best Practices


Without proper safeguards, loading docks present a number of serious safety hazards. Moving truck trailers, cargo flows and elevated dock platforms left unguarded create dangerous fall and crush risks. These risks are not new. Historically, companies have explored ways to improve dock safety; however, most methods rely on employees and drivers following strict procedures. Despite

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Energy Guard Solutions From Kelley


In the quest to reduce operating costs, smart facility managers are always looking out for new products that reduce expenses while offering short payback periods. As part of their response to this need, Kelley Entrematic developed the Energy Guard line of dock leveler air barriers. Uninsulated dock levelers are quite common. The dock leveler and

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Recent Advancements in HVLS Fans: The Wave HVLS Fan


As companies become more aware of the social, economic and environmental benefits of energy conservation, innovative manufacturers continue to respond by bringing advanced products to market, helping them achieve their conservation goals. One area of innovation in the material handling and warehousing industry is the adoption of HVLS fans to reduce heating and cooling costs,

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Manufacturer Spotlight: Chase Doors


At McKinley, we are proud of the quality manufacturers we represent. As part of our ongoing Manufacturer Spotlight series, this post takes a closer look at Chase Doors. We will learn about the benefits of their traffic and impact doors, and discover why they are the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty doors. Chase Doors is

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Kelley Loading Dock Solutions: A Legacy of Innovation


At McKinley Equipment, we have strong relationships with leading manufacturers of material handling, industrial lift, commercial door and loading dock equipment. Our longstanding relationships with the brands we represent ensure we have a thorough knowledge of the product lines and are well suited to deliver the best solutions for your needs. When it comes to

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