Bug Screen Doors
Open warehouse doors can be a great source of natural light and fresh air for a facility, promoting improved occupant comfort and productivity. Unfortunately, the large openings can also provide an easy point of entry for pests and compromise the security of your facility. Overhead screen doors allow you to keep your bay doors open while preventing many of the problems of exposed openings.
Retractable overhead screen doors are rigid metal frame doors that operate much like a sectional overhead door. These roll-up screen doors are a supplemental door system, designed to work with your existing overhead doors. Many models mount on their own rail system, located behind the existing warehouse door track. The dual track door system allows you to open and close the garage door independently of the roll-up screen door. Other models are designed to share the wall mounted portion of the track with your existing door so only the paneled door or the screen door can be in the opening at one time.
Each overhead screen door system is designed to work with your existing door openings. When specifying your screen door system, various styles are available to control for pests specific to your location. For industries requiring a secured facility, doors systems are available with enhanced security features, including bars and chain mesh, which offer the benefits of a screen door while providing the security of a traditional door.

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