Kelley edge of dock leveler

Kelley edge of dock leveler

Edge of dock levelers 鈥 commonly called EOD鈥檚 鈥 are a simple, cost effective material handling solution to accommodate low-volume loading dock traffic.

In contrast to traditional pit mounted dock levelers, the edge of dock leveler platform mounts on the exterior building wall and can accommodate dock / trailer height differentials up to 3鈥.

The exterior mounting configuration of the edge of dock leveler greatly simplifies the installation process. The installation requires no concrete cutting and the leveler easily mounts on the exclusive EasyHang 庐 installation tabs. The EasyHang 庐 tab design allows precise alignment between the leveler and the dock door.

The leveler ramp features a reduced height crown and a bevelled lip edge. These features work together to provide a smooth transition between the dock and the trailer, reducing wear-and-tear on your material handling equipment and preventing product damage.

The standard EOD is configured as a manually operated system. An ergonomic design and ez-lift鈩 spring assist mechanism minimize the effort required to deploy the leveler. The dock leveler is also available with either air or hydraulic powered operation, allowing push-button leveler deployment.
The edge of dock leveler includes an integrated rubber bumper system to protect the building, dock and leveler from trailer impacts. It is also available with an optional trailer restraint system to improve safety around the dock area. These options allow the edge of dock leveler to replace several safety systems with one versatile leveler.

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