Kelley Energy Guard

Kelley Energy Guard

The ENERGY GUARD™ dock sealing system is designed to provide the ultimate degree of perimeter sealing for your dock leveler.

Gaps between the dock leveler and the building envelope create opportunity for air, dirt, debris and pest infiltration. Most dock levelers on the market today are not able to achieve effective perimeter sealing. In response to this problem, Kelley/Entrematic developed the ENERGY GUARD ™ dock sealing system.

The ENERGY GUARD ™ system consists of a series of perimeter seals that create an effective barrier between the leveler and pit, preventing energy losses and physically isolating the interior and exterior environments. The ENERGY GUARD ™ system is available as a factory installed option on most Kelley dock levelers or can be easily retrofitted on existing dock levelers. The seals are compatible with dock leveler systems from most other major manufacturers.

ENERGY GUARD ™ perimeter seals are built with the same attention to detail and excellent quality that is a hallmark of the Kelley product family. An innovative seal mounting design allows the seals to pivot to accommodate dock motion. This pivoting action prevents sliding/scraping of the seals against the concrete pit walls and significantly increases seal life compared to other perimeter seal systems. Another advantage of the pivoting seal is that it maintains an air tight seal through the full range of leveler position, up to 9” above dock level. Traditional perimeter seals suffer from significantly reduced seal performance when the leveler is raised above dock level. While the pivoting perimeter seals close gaps along the sides of the dock leveler, a rear-hinge seal blocks this commonly overlooked point of air passage to create a true perimeter seal.

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