mechanical dock levelerMechanical Dock Levelers are a simple, lower price point alternative to powered dock levelers. Mechanical levelers are a good option when power isn鈥檛 available at the loading dock or low dock traffic volumes do not warrant the investment in more expensive powered dock levelers.

Advancements in leveler design have created mechanical levelers that are easier to operate and more reliable than ever. Kelley鈥檚 CM series of mechanical dock levelers incorporate a number of unique features that differentiate them from their competitors.
The robust SafeTFrame 庐 design on the CM series dock levelers provides superior load support and leveler durability. A hydra-cam lip assembly controls the descent of the leveler lip, helping to minimize wear-and-tear on the lip and hinge.
Kelley鈥檚 mechanical dock levelers are available with the ENERGY GUARD庐 sealing system option. This insulation option provides a strong seal along the sides and rear of the dock, minimizing energy loss through the leveler and pit while preventing dirt, debris and pest infiltration.
Mechanical dock levelers are available in several different configurations designed to suit your specific needs. Contact us to learn more about mechanical dock levelers for your warehouse.

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