Rail Lift Dock Leveler

Rail Lift Dock Leveler

Rail dock levelers are designed to aid in loading and unloading railcars. They store vertically on the outside of the dock wall and are constructed to withstand the heavy loads typically associated with rail transport.

By applying the knowledge gained through decades of dock leveler development to the rail freight industry, Kelley succeeded in developed a leading edge material handling solution for rail freight unloading. The rail dock leveler brings the productivity improvements, ergonomic and safety benefits of the Kelley dock leveler systems to railcars operations.

The rail dock leveler is a hydraulically powered leveler. While traditional levelers are affixed to the loading dock, the rail dock leveler mounts on a track assembly, allowing the leveler to move along the track to realize proper alignment with railcar doors.

The heavy duty rail dock leveler design includes independent hydraulic lip and leveler actuators. The dual acting hydraulic cylinders provide precise control over the heavy gauge leveler and lip and prevent free-fall damage to the leveler or rail cars. A laterally mounted hydraulic cylinder is available as an additional option to help position the leveler on the track. This lateral cylinder helps reduce operator strain, improves alignment between the car and leveler ramp, and speeds-up the unloading process.

Rail dock levelers are available in several different configurations designed to suit your specific needs. Contact us to learn more about rail dock levelers for your railcar operations.

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