The solar powered dock leveler from Kelley will help you achieve your sustainability goals while providing a reliable, self-contained dock leveling solution.

The solar powered leveler system includes a solar panel, battery and an inverter/charger. Together these components harness and store solar energy in the battery to power the dock leveler. The large capacity battery stores enough energy to ensure reliable dock leveler operation throughout the night or during cloudy periods. In the rare event that solar energy can鈥檛 satisfy the leveler power demands, a standard 120V cord connection provides a convenient back-up recharging method.
At the heart of the system is the reliable Kelley air powered dock leveler. This allows you to experience the benefits of a solar powered solution without compromising on leveler quality or performance.
The low wattage fan that drives the air activation system in the air powered dock leveler is a natural fit with the solar power supply. The minimal power required to raise and lower the leveler is easily supplied by a solar panel.
The solar powered dock leveler allows you to enjoy the benefits of Kelley鈥檚 air powered dock leveler system including low operating costs, increased productivity, and improved safety in an integrated 鈥榦ff-the-grid鈥 package.
Solar powered dock levelers are available in several different configurations designed to suit your specific needs. Contact us to learn more about solar powered dock levelers for your warehouse.

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