Vehicle Restraint

Vehicle Restraint


Vehicle restraint systems mount on the warehouse exterior and engage the trailer鈥檚 rear impact guard to prevent unwanted trailer motion during loading and unloading operations.


Trailer creep and premature trailer departure can cause serious injury and expensive property damage. A good loading dock trailer restraint virtually eliminates these risks, increasing worker safety and improving dock operations. Additionally vehicle restraints hold a trailer snugly to the dock and ensure a snug fit by the dock seal, helping to close gaps, minimize inventory shrinkage and reduce air conditioning energy loss.


McKinley offers a range of truck restraint systems from Kelley, the industry leader in dock safety products. Kelley鈥檚 complete line of truck restraint systems ensures we have a system to meet your needs while respecting your budget.


The most economical restraints are manual systems. Manual restraints allow dockworkers to engage the restraint from the dock platform, via a simple actuating mechanism. The ergonomic design of the system minimizes the effort required to engage and release the restraint. Manual restraints offer all the safety benefits of vehicle restraints in a simple, cost effective package.


Fully automated restraints are a popular option for companies who do not like to leave the safety decision in the hands of their workers. They are a top choice for high volume docks. Automated restraints accommodate a wider range of rear impact guards and allow push-button restraint engagement / disengagement.


Most restraints incorporate sensing and signaling hardware to provide visual feedback showing the restraint status. This helps to reduce operator error and dock damage due to accidental trailer departure.


While the price and features vary between the restraint systems, the Kelley hallmarks of high quality and attention to detail in design are evident in all the vehicle restraint systems. Simple design principles minimize moving parts to improve reliability. All Kelley restraints feature non-impact operation, reducing wear on the system and extending device life.


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