Wheel Chock

Wheel Chock


Wheel chocks are simple wedge-shaped devices placed in front of a trailer鈥檚 wheels that prevent the trailer from moving.


Trailer wheel chocks are a cost effective method of satisfying the OSHA requirement that all vehicles be restrained during loading and unloading.


These simple devices offer the lowest capital outlay of all trailer restraining options while improving dock safety and reducing the risk of trailer creep and premature departure during the loading and unloading process.


McKinley鈥檚 goal is to be your preferred truck wheel chock supplier. McKinley stocks a wide range of wheel chocks for immediate delivery. Chock options include laminated rubber designs and lightweight aluminium chocks. Truck wheel chocks are available with optional tether chains to keep the chock close to the loading dock. Wall mounted chock storage pockets are available to keep the loading area clean when the chocks are not in use.


For loading docks where traffic volumes cannot justify a more sophisticated solution, wheel chocks can provide a cost effective method of improving worker safety while satisfy OSHA regulations.
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