APS Dock Fan
Loading dock fans are a simple, convenient method of improving operator comfort and productivity when loading and unloading docked trailers. Dock door fans mount on the wall inside your facility on pivoting mounts. The mount allows the fans to swing into the dock door opening to cycle external air into the trailer and move the hot air out. The design of the mounting bracket allows the fan to circulate air through the trailer, while keeping the fan safely out of the way of operators and forklift trucks.
Dock fans provide optimal airflow through the trailer, rapidly equalizing the temperature inside the trailer with the facility temperature. The most effective dock fans move over 1200 cubic feet of air per minute and can cycle the air out of a 53-foot trailer in under 4 minutes.
The fans are available in a variety of sizes, with airflow rates designed to accommodate a broad range of trailer sizes and environmental conditions. Fan selection is a function of trailer volume, anticipated range of trailer/facility temperature differentials and the desired time to eliminate the temperature differential. Your McKinley representative can provide assistance in selecting a suitable dock fan.

Sales and Installation of Dock Fans from McKinley Equipment

In addition to selling dock fans, we are pleased to offer installation services for our fans. Our experienced technicians can take care of the installation with minimal disruption to your daily activities. If you prefer to install the fans yourself, we can pre-wire and ship the units direct to your facility for easy installation by your personnel.

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