Mezzanines are a cost effective way to increase the functional footprint of your facility. Because mezzanine structures install inside your existing structure, they allow you to increase your usable floor space at a fraction of the cost of new construction.


Mezzanine systems can solve a variety of common facility issues. They can increase available storage space by adding a second or third level inside your building. They can provide needed floor space allowing you to add new workstations orin-plant offices into an 鈥榓t-capacity鈥 facility.聽 They can enhance process safety by providing elevated platform access to process equipment.


Whatever your needs, each Mezzanine system is custom designed based on your unique requirements. Our experienced engineering partners will design a system with your space, budget and end use in mind. 聽Even though each installation is unique, utilization of standard structural elements and fasteners allows low cost customization. Every installation takes into account your size, load and span requirements while complying with all applicable building codes and regulations.


Compared to new builds and additions, mezzanine systems are the fastest way to increase your floor space. Fabrication work occurs off-site, while simple erection methods allow quick and easy installation, with minimal interruption to your day-to-day activities.


Whether you require additional working, storage, or manufacturing area, please contact us to learn how we can transform your space to meet your needs.

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