modular office
When changes in your business create new demands for in-plant space utilization, modular offices and in-plant buildings provide you with the flexibility to respond quickly and cost-effectively.


Modular offices are available un-assembled or fully assembled and mount directly on existing floors or mezzanines. Two- or three-wall modular enclosures make use of existing facility walls to create contained rooms. Our modular offices comply with applicable building codes and regulation.


More than simply office space, modular offices are tailored to your requirements. Available in an almost infinite combination of sizes and options, the structures easily adapted to accommodate a range of uses. We have experience building modular spaces to provide:

  • Single and Double story office structures
  • Isolation of noisy process equipment
  • Local climate control for critical/sensitive processes
  • Safe housing of expensive equipment and tools
  • Creation of clean-room environments
  • Insulated guard-houses and outbuildings

Our partner鈥檚 advanced manufacturing process employs a modular design and interchangeable parts to realize delivery of a wide range of modular office configurations with a very short setup and delivery time.


The units are easy to set up, creating minimal disruption in your facility and allowing you to add space in a fraction of the time of conventional construction.Contact us today to learn more about what these structures can do for you.

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